Many people today believe that online poker is much better than going to a brick and mortar casino. Because of the comfort of staying at home and easy access, people prefer online poker. However, singapore trusted casino live poker in brick and mortar casinos can have its own benefits. While it is completely based on the choices of the poker players, here are the reasons why we suggest playing live poker can add more advantage to your gameplay.

Social exposure

Playing poker from home cuts off your social life completely, especially when you are serious about it. Live poker allows you to sit around with people face to face and interact. You can also catch up with your friends over an exciting game in an entertaining ambience.

Social exposure

Read opponents

Playing poker live also gives you the advantage to read your opponents. Due to the online platforms, people are forgetting the art of reading other’s minds and noticing their tells. As a beginner, you are more prone to giving away your information, but when you learn how to take it out from others, the real fun begins.

Complimentary benefits

When you are playing at live tables, you will be continuously complimented by the casino staff with drinks and snacks. When you are not in a mood to play at the tables, you can hit the bar and enjoy a drink. When you make friends, you can grab a drink together and have a friendly chat to enjoy your time.

Less stress

You can have more fun playing poker in a casino compared to when you are playing online. It will give you a feeling of authentic poker gameplay rather than a stressful online session where you are managing ten tables at once. Plus the ambience and music of the casino will add to your entertainment.

Less stress

Weaker competition

Playing live will often match you with beginners. When you play online, you will always meed the players of your level. The more experienced you are, your opponents will have the same kind of experience. In a casino, when you can play against a poker legend, you can also find the rookies whom you can beat easily.

You have all the time to think

Online poker games are fast as everyone is in a hurry to make money, and even the platform does not allow more than a minute to make a decision. Live casinos, on the other hand, provide all the time you need to make your decisions. It will help you make better decisions all the time while not having to stress about the ticking clock.


Recreational ambience

Online poker games are fast-paced and are focused only on earning money. The golden rule of gambling says never play for money, and live casino can provide you with the opportunity to enjoy poker as a game and not a job. You can dress well for the occasion, invite a few friends, part and have a good time at a casino while playing online can only offer you little money and not happiness.

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